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How we make staying with your team a piece of cake 🍰

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Say you're having a lot of fun with your awesome Just Play team and you want to continue with the same group of players. Well, a few years ago we decided to make this super easy - and we haven't looked back!

What are team subscriptions?

When you sign up to play in a team, you'll be automatically subscribed to the next Just Play season with your team (you can read more about season structures here). This means that we can keep everyone together as we roll over to the next season.

Managing your Subscription

You have control over your subscription. Being subscribed guarantees your place in the team, but you can simply opt-out if you don't want to continue. You'll be able to opt out as soon as the next season is published via your profile in the app.

The full next season details will display in the app, including who from your team is continuing, season costs, dates etc. We will also send you an email reminder in the 7 days leading up to your subscription being charged.

If you no longer want to continue playing (for whatever reason 😒) you can cancel your team subscription right up until your renewal date. You have two options when you cancel:

  1. Play out the current season in the team if you are still keen to play

  2. If you can no longer play you can also swap your remaining season games in to casual games.

Want to cancel but having technical issues? No worries, just send us a message before your subscription renewal date and we will cancel on your behalf.

As far as teams continuing playing goes - as an FYI approximately 90% of our teams continue playing from one season to the next. Within these teams, an average of 75% of players continue and we will then just add 1 or 2 new players if required (or add nobody if the whole team continues).

For those competitions that run 16+ weeks we also split the season in to part one and part two for the purposes of registration (Read about split seasons here).

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