Signed up for a season and struggling to make it to your weekly game? We get it. Life gets busy and the weeks fly by.

We want all our players to get value for their season registrations and as a result we always offer the chance to swap a season membership across to One Game game credits. You can contact us to request this, or in the event you don't play 3+ games in a row for your team we will be in touch to arrange this with you.

What is One Game and how do these game credits work?

One Game lists fill-in places that are available in Just Play teams (we have 8 different sports and over 150 venues that our teams play at). 

To play a game it is as simple as searching via the One Game app and in the case of you swapping from a season, using the promo code we provide you to book in to a game free of charge. Almost all of our games are suitable for players of all skill levels, but we also list this on the game screen in any case - along with the number of places available.

One Game make it easy as you can constantly vary the day, time, and venue that you play at. Play as little or as often or you want to. It’s super flexible, so you can make it work with your life. It takes about 60 seconds to book into a game using the One Game app.

On the booking screen you can see all the game details as well as a list of your soon to be teammates for the match. Once you book the game will appear in app and you will also be sent an instant email confirmation with a google maps link to the venue and any other important instructions (handy if you're in the of 99.9% of our players that have a smart phone).

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