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How does Just Play work?
Guide to Reading our League Listings
Guide to Reading our League Listings

Okay, but what does this competition info actually mean?

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If you're new to the world of social sport, some of the information might be a little confusing. We created a little guide to help you with what it all means, so you can jump into the league that's right for you!

Number of games

In this listing below, the summary shows 10 x games.

This means you'd be playing for about 10-12 weeks, as there can be extra games, or bye's / venue closures / forfeits throughout the season.

The number of games we list is based on our best estimate from the competition provider and can sometimes change. We tend to estimate slightly less games to account for any bye's or forfeits that might occur.

Bonus - you may end up playing a few more games than you expected!

Please note: Just Play may structure our seasons differently to our competition partners. More on season structures here

Competition & skill level

Most of our competitions are social and suitable for everyone - however sometimes we do list some more advanced competitions suited to intermediate players.

This is why we always display what we think the competition level / team skill level will be, so that you can be confident you're stepping into the league that's right for you.

Game Times

We'll display the most common game times so you know games when game times will generally be, and can ensure you'd usually be available to play (you can read about RSVP and attendance here)

For example:
​"Game times between 7pm and 10pm"
Would mean that the time slots will likely be:
​7pm, 7:40pm, 8:20pm, 9pm and 9:40pm

Sometimes there may be an earlier or later game time outside of what we've listed - it's a rare occurrence, but it can happen for a few different reasons, for example;

  • The competition has more teams than expected and has to add a time slot

  • The venue isn't available for a particular time, and the fixtures need to change to accommodate the venue

Venue Information

You'll be able to see the venue information on each listing, which includes whether it is an indoor or outdoor venue, whether change rooms are available, transport options and anything else handy to know before you rock up.

Competition Details

We'll give you a summary of the competition, including game length, competition rules and uniform details. This is where we'll list any extra things that are involved - for example, any extra membership requirements or equipment needed.

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