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How does Just Play work?
Okay...I'm keen! Now what?
Okay...I'm keen! Now what?

Here's what to do from a player perspective

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So, you want to play a season with Just Play, but you're not sure exactly what it entails. No worries! We'll walk you through the typical season registration process, using our very real Just Play player, Penelope.

Step 1. Getting the info

So, Penelope wants to start playing netball, but wants to know what to expect. The first place she can investigate is the league listing, which will contain information about the location, duration, and many other details of the season. Generally, our seasons are anywhere between 8-16 weeks long, but for Penelope, let's say her season was 9 weeks long.

Step 2. Payment

Penelope has found a league that works for her, and is excited to join! Only one thing left, purchasing it.

Finding the exact price is easy, and is available on the first page of the league listing. Then Penelope just has to make up her mind – we won’t be asking you (or her) to cough up any cashola until you actually want to confirm you place. Your season payment covers your share of the team’s registration fee and all game fees for the season.

Once you've paid, you're all ready to get started on the season!

Step 3. Getting on the court

So, Penelope has found a season that suits, paid, and now the start date is coming up.

Once the season is underway, you will play a weekly game with the same teammates (no need to worry if you have to miss a game or two – but please be sure to mark yourself as ‘unavailable’ for the relevant dates and games in your player dashboard - More info on RSVP'ing here).

95% of our seasons run back to back, which results in a lot of our players opting to play multiple seasons with more or less the same crew (we’ll always keep teams together).

Step 4. Making Besties! (not optional)

We thought this step was best described with images.

So, now all thats left to do for you is follow in Penelope's footsteps! You've got this, and we can't wait to see you on court.

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