Here's a guide to help you understand what everything means and where to find the info you're looking for!

👉 Number of games & game times

👉 Competition and skill level

👉 Venue information

👉 Competition information

👉 Start date and price

Number of games & game times:

In this listing the summary shows it's an 8 week season - meaning 8 games.
The number of games we list is based on our best estimate from the competition provider and can sometimes change. We tend to estimate slightly less games in a season to account for any bye's or forfeits that might occur throughout the season. And bonus, you may end up playing a few more games than you expected!

More on season structures here.

The "game times" show the earliest & latest times that games may be scheduled. In this instance, games are scheduled anywhere from 6pm to 10pm. This does mean that you could have a game starting at the latest time, however these later times are shared between all teams in the competition.

Competition & skill level

It also displays a summary of the skill level and competition type. Most of our competitions are social and suitable for everyone - however sometimes we do list some more advanced competitions suited to intermediate players. If this is the case, we'll display that here!

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You can share the league with a friend by clicking on the 'share' icon in the top right.

Venue information

This gives you some more details about the venue, parking & transport options and anything else that might be relevant.

Competition details

Extra details about the competition itself, including the game length, uniforms, type of competition and skill level. In the competition rules, we will outline if there is anything out of the norm - but mostly it will display as standard rules.

If you're looking for a rules guide, we have some written up over on

For the next step, hit the "register" button in the bottom right corner to head to the checkout page.

Start date & price

Once you hit that register button, you'll be taken to the checkout page. This is where we display the start date and price for that particular competition.

This is also where you can enter in any promo codes you may have.

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