Leagues vs One Game

What's the difference here?

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Heard it here first folks! 'One Game' has officially merged with Just Play to give all Just Play users the chance to play casual games in addition to joining a rad team!

So, what is the difference? πŸ‘‡


When you're looking at a league, you're looking at being placed in a team with other individual players, and competing in a comp run by one of our many venue partners. You'll play with the same team each week, build some stellar friendships, and be automatically subscribed from season to season to ensure you're able to continue playing as a team together πŸ™Œ

One Game

One Game is our other offering - play when it suits you! You're not locked into a team, so you can play different venues, different nights with different people whenever you'd like. Pretty cool!

We find that One Game is a perfect way to play if you:

  • Already playing in a team and want to get an extra game in!

  • Can't commit to the same time & place each week, but are still keen to join in the fun 🀩

  • Want to try some games first to see if it's right for you

  • Are keen to try some different sports that you haven't played before

  • Or, any other reason you can think of!

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