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The dream has been realised!

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Easily our most requested feature - Game Chat is now live in the Just Play app! πŸŽ‰

How does it work?

The chat is open on a game-by-game basis. It will open when the first game for your team is created in the Just Play system - so if it's your first Just Play team, this is a great place to say g'day and introduce yourself!

One Game players and fill-in players will also be able to join the chat once booked into a game, so please do your best to welcome them and show those friendly vibes.

Some Just Play HQ notifications pertaining to that specific game may stamp in the chat, which is just another way to ensure we're all across any new info.

Although Just Play HQ has access to chats, please note that Just Play does not monitor the chats, so we ask that you be mindful that the Player Code of Conduct applies in the chat as well as on court. If you see anything that goes against our code of conduct, please let our Customer Support team know.

Do I still need to RSVP?

Yes! It's super important that your RSVP in your schedule. If you post in the chat instead of updating, this will not register at HQ and we'll assume that you have no-showed for the game πŸ‘€

What will game chat be used for?

Yes, you'll get some notifications about the game from JP HQ, but it's mainly a place to talk strategy, chat about the game and get to know each other better.

We know it can be really daunting showing up to your first, second, even third game without knowing anyone (a huge reason why we admire every single one of you who join Just Play!) and we feel Game Chat will ease some of that discomfort and make it more enjoyable for everyone πŸ’™

If I'm RSVP'd 'unavailable' for a game, can I still chat to my team?

Of course you can! Just because you can't get to that particular game, doesn't mean you can't chat about it with your teammates πŸ™Œ

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