Firstly, what do we consider a no-show? A no-show is when a player is RSVP'd Yes for a game and they don't turn up

Updating your RSVP is incredibly easy via a single click in our app. As a result the list of reasons to no-show to a game are very few (stuck at work or feeling sick are both fine reasons not to play, but not good enough reasons to not take 10 seconds to update your RSVP).

While we prefer as much as notice as possible, even updating your RSVP 45 minutes before the game start time will avoid having you marked as a no-show (Note: the game lineup is locked 30 minutes before the game as we then email this to everyone playing so they know who to expect at the game).

We collect details on attendances and no-shows via our weekly game report process. This information is then used to make sure our teams have a reliable lineup each week and to follow up any players that have no-showed to a game.

When someone no-shows to a game we will get in touch to let them know that this has been recorded and also default their RSVP to unavailable. Any player who has been marked as unavailable is welcome to update their RSVP back to playing during this time, but we take this precautionary measure in case they have moved away, gotten injured or decided to stop playing for any reason and failed to notify us. 

By having this clear process we aim to avoid having a player ever no-show more than once during the course of a season. In the event someone does no-show twice in a single season we reserve the right to remove them from the team as per our Terms & Conditions.

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