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This is a detailed answer, because it is probably the most important of all of our FAQ's.

When you play with Just Play, you are automatically RSVP'd as playing for every one of your team's games. It's then just a matter of updating your RSVP for any games that you can't attend.

We really can't stress enough that your RSVP, and in turn us knowing whether or not you are playing in a game, is the single most important thing about your participation with Just Play. One of the best things about what we offer is that by joining you become part of a team, but on the flipside this also means that your team is counting on you turning up when you are RSVP'd as playing for a game.

A few RSVP do's and don'ts:

Do - download the Just Play app for android or iOS, it's the easiest way to manage your RSVP with just a few clicks.

Don't - leave it to the day of the game to update your RSVP. We get that things come up at late notice that are unavoidable sometimes, but if you already know you're not able to play just update your RSVP right away and help make sure your team isn't left short at the game.

Do - use our calendar function to mark in dates in advance that you know you are unavailable for. Even if a game doesn't exist for the date you select at that point, you will be automatically marked as unavailable once a game is created for that date.

Don't - just text / whatsapp / facebook message a teammate that you're unable to play instead of updating your RSVP - this doesn't count as updating your RSVP and we can't read your mind (or your private text messages) to know that you're not going to play. The Just Play HQ team are responsible for making sure your team has the right amount of players at each game, so we need to be kept in the loop!

Do - get in touch with us if you have any questions, need help or want to let us know something. We're always around to make sure you and your team are having the best possible sporting experience each week!

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