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No-shows and Late Notice Dropouts
No-shows and Late Notice Dropouts

Our New Policy regarding No-shows and Late RSVPs

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No shows or late notice dropouts are the number one issue that effects team enjoyment. It can leave the team short unexpectedly, which is not a fun time. It can also lead to last minute forfeits, which stitches up the team, our opposition and the competition provider.
As always, the earlier you RSVP out for a game you can't make, the better it is for your teammates, as it gives Just Play a chance to find a fill-in for the team if required.


As of January 2023, there will be an automatic charge of $15 for anyone who no-shows for a game. Following this, if a no-show occurs again in the same season, they will be removed from the team.

Late RSVPs:

A late notice drop out is when a player opts out within 12 hours of the game time, leaving us with a very short window to find a fill-in. Sometimes we do manage to find fill-ins at short notice, so in this case there will not be a charge for a Late RSVP. However, if a Late RSVP results in a team forfeit, those who have RSVP'd within 12 hours will be automatically charged $10.

How do I avoid getting charged a fee?
Opt out of your game as soon as you know you can't attend and you'll be good to go!

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