This is a detailed answer, because it is probably the most important of all of our FAQ's.

When you play with Just Play, our RSVP process works as follows:

If you sign up for a casual game, you are RSVP'd as playing.
If you sign up for a season, you are automatically RSVP'd as playing for every game (we assume when you register that you want to play). It's then just a matter of changing your RSVP for any games you can't attend.

We really can't stress enough that your RSVP, and in turn us knowing whether or not you are playing in a game is the single most important thing about your participation with us at Just Play. One of the best things about what we offer is that by joining you become part of a team, but on the flipside this also means that your team is counting on your turning up when you are RSVP'd as playing for a game.

Need to change your availability? No problemo, please do this at least 48 hours from the game start time. This allows us to find extra players for your team. We also provide 1 games credit to all players that update their RSVP with more than 48 hours notice, so that you can play a make up game at a time that suits (more on using your 1 game credit and booking 'games' here).

Our administration team in the office will always aim to have the 'minimum number of players + 1' lined up for your game in any case, but pulling out on the day of the game can make things very tricky and often leave your team short. Please don't just text someone else in your team, send a whatsapp message / facebook another player etc - we in the Just Play office are responsible for your team lineup and for finding fill in players, so it is really important you update your RSVP directly with us - it is of course sweet if you also want to let the team know via other channels, it is just really important you don't only do this as we will then consider your non attendance as a 'no show'.

There are now four ways you can change your availability for a game.

1. The easiest way is via our player android or iOS app. 

2. On each of your 'Upcoming' games you will see a label that says either 'Playing' or 'Not Playing'. By default you will always be available and you need to update any dates you are not able to play. You can do this in relation to a specific game by clicking the 'CANCEL' button in the 'My upcoming games' section which will update the date in the calendar on the left.

3. You are also able to mark dates directly in the calendar, this is often useful to mark in dates in advance that you know you are unavailable for. This will then update the team list and allow us to make sure the team has enough players and find fill-ins if required (even if a game doesn't exist for the date you select at that point, you will be automatically marked as unavailable once a game is created).

4. We send an SMS game reminder two days before every game that you are marked as 'Playing' for. In this SMS we include a link to change your RSVP to 'Not playing' - so if you receive this and you are unable to make it then this is a very easy way to update your RSVP (this link is active right up until the game start time, so even though we would love 48 hours notice it is still worth doing this if it is a few hours before the game (at least us and your teammates won't consider you a 'no show')

A few other important things:
In the event you 'no show' to a game that you have RSVP'd yes for without letting us know, we reserve the right to flick across your default RSVP from 'Playing' to 'Unavailable'. We still want you to play every game, or as many as you can - this just changes your default position from playing to unavailable, so that you can instead RSVP whenever you definitely can play a game.

In the event you 'no show' to 2 games in any one season then we do reserve the right to remove you from the team and convert your remaining games in to game credits. We have a responsibility to the team to provide enough players and also to our opponents to ensure it is a fun game.

Sound harsh? We make it almost impossible to miss a game by accident as we send SMS game reminders with a single click to opt out of the game (sent 2 days ahead of the game), plus an email reminder the day before the game. On top of this times can be checked in your player dashboard and you can always contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming games.

We also offer the chance to swap your season membership across to a games membership if you are struggling to make your weekly game for any reason.

Still got questions? Lucky we have a few more answers up our sleeve: More info on getting started

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