We get asked the following questions enough to include them in our FAQ's:

1. Can I try try it out first? 

2. Do the season fees need to be paid upfront / can I pay weekly / in instalments?


We've kept the format conventional and answered these in order below:

1. Can I try it out first?

Yes, you can try it out. No, you can't try it out for free.
Our cheapest and lowest form of commitment for getting involved is via our casual Games offer. You can book in and pay for just one game (most cost around $15), so you can throw the excuses for not playing out the window.

If you want to give it a go without committing to a season then this is a great way to play a game or two and see if you like it. If you do like it (we think you will!) then you can either keep playing one off games or sign up for a season at a venue / competition / with a team that you enjoyed playing at.

2. Do the season fees need to be paid upfront / can I pay weekly / in instalments?

The short answer is yes, the season fees do need to be paid upfront.
Why is that you ask? The reasons are many, with the main ones as follows:

- Our agreements with our venue partners require us to enter reliable teams in competitions and to guarantee these teams participation for the whole season. As part of this agreement we are required to make full, upfront payments of the season fees when we register Just Play teams in competitions (and as such require payment from our players to be able to do this).

- We specialise in creating fun social sporting teams made up of individual players. Part of what makes a fun team is that its players are on the same page and committed for the season. Making payment of the season fees prior to commencing is our best way of ensuring that you are part of a committed and reliable team and makes it possible for you to play with the same people each week and enjoy your game.


When you register for a season with Just Play we guarantee to place you in a team. Last season we placed 97% of all entrants in to teams - made up of over 3,000 individual players. In an average week we welcome over 200 new members and would love you to be our next signing! If you aren't in a position to sign up for a season right now then don't sweat it, we created games just for you!

After more info on the two different ways of getting involved? Here is the rundown on the different options of seasons and single games

Ready to play? Download the Just Play app, or head to our website for a full list of available competitions.

Still got questions? Read on, we've got more FAQ's on getting started that we wrote just for you.

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