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How does Just Play work?
What does Just Play look after?
What does Just Play look after?

Delegation of responsibility. How does it work, and do you have a part in it? Spoiler alert, yes you do.

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Here at Just Play HQ, we have brought together a team to effectively be a super efficient team captain. We register your team in a specific competition, and communicate with them on your behalf.

This can sometimes make it confusing for our players, to know who's in charge of what, so we've laid it out super clearly for you here!

What we ARE responsible for:

What we are NOT responsible for:

  • Processing your individual registration and placing you in a team

  • Registering your team with one of our external partners

  • Payment of all game fees for the season, including any finals matches

  • Your weekly line-up of players for each game, including finding fill-in players

  • Communicating the details of your game with you, and any changes to these

  • Informing you of any and all uniform requirements, and providing the opportunity to purchase a playing top/basketball singlet if required.

  • Helping to create the best possible atmosphere in your team, as well as dealing with any issues that arise

  • The creation of the fixture and what game times your team are given - this includes venue closures and allocation of Bye's within a competition

  • The physical venue where your games are played

  • The referees / umpires / venue staff / competition rules where you play

  • Stadium entry fees* (*only in place at 3 of our 100+ venues).

  • Uniform requirements, such as shin guards being compulsory, or shorts having to be plain black without any logos or pockets etc.

  • Team grading within a competition

  • Finals qualification requirements

  • Season start date delays (this can sometimes happen due to delays with the previous season or venue issues)

  • The cancellation of games due to weather (more about the weather)

  • Social events run by partners that you may be invited to as part of your participation in the competition

We want to ensure your experience is the best one possible. We have many conversations with a competition partner before listing their leagues for our Just Play players to ensure you're getting a great experience, but things can happen that impact competitions and seasons. If this is the case, we do our best to communicate this with our teams as soon as we get the information.

If you are having any issues with the areas covered by our partners, that doesn't mean you can't raise them with us! We will always communicate and advocate for your concerns with our partners, just like a good team captain.

What YOU are responsible for.

As part of this, you also have some responsibilities as a Just Play player. You should:

  • Ensure your RSVP is accurate and updated as per our RSVP guidelines

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the game start time

  • Share playing time with other players as per our substitution guide

  • Be friendly and inclusive towards others

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