What time are the games?

If you plan on playing a game, you'll need to know what time it is! So we decided to make that easy (genius, I know).

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So you want to know what time your game is? Amazing! You're already a star Just Play player. Game times vary from venue to venue – but you can always find the earliest and latest possible game times on the league details page 👇

Once you’ve registered for your chosen competition, we’ll let you know when your first game is scheduled (as well as everything else you need to know).

After the first few rounds of each season, you’ll be able to access fixture information for the whole season online. These can be found in your games tab, which will show all upcoming games, including time, location, and player attendance details.

These game times are checked multiple times in the lead up to your game, so we can catch any game changes and update them. To make sure you don't miss these changes, just make sure to check your game time the morning of your scheduled game.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

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