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Are the games at the same venue each week?
Are the games at the same venue each week?

Wondering where you should be turning up for your weekly games? No worries, we can help out!

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This ones really simple. In short, the game venue stays the same in each league almost all the time. You should expect to be playing at the same location as last week, but it never hurts to check!

Venues can sometimes be different week-to-week depending on venue availability (for example, all the school halls get busy during exam period), or damage to the court or venue. This information will be clearly available on the game listing, as well as a handy dandy little location map to help you make your way there. If this location changes last minute, you will receive a notification letting you know to check your upcoming game details, so you should always know where you're supposed to be!

That said, there are a few venues where a competition may use some other courts or fields nearby as part of their regular fixture. But don’t stress – if this is the case then we’ll draw your attention to it on the competition details page. It will read something like: Some games also held at the nearby Boronia Stadium, Park Crescent, Boronia.

If you are in a league like this, it is definitely best to check the game locations each week.

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