How do we build teams?

Here's what we do - as told by Moira Rose.

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When you register for a league with Just Play, your piece of the puzzle is done - but our quest to create the perfect team has only just begun!

Once you've registered:

We take in all the information you've given us, and we begin assembling your very own super squad of teammates. Everyone at Just Play HQ works hard to ensure that teams can go ahead with all preferences taken into account, and the correct number of people are on the team.

We create the teams based on the type of competition you're after (social/competitive), the friends you want to play with, your history with other Just Play teams (if you're a returning player), and any position preferences you have.

With this information, 10+ years of data, and our big brains, we aim to pull together a team with the following number of players:

Basketball: 8-9 Players
Futsal (& 5-a-side): 8-9 Players
Netball: 10-12 Players
Touch: 10-12 Players
Footy 7s: 10-12 Players

Other sports:
4 players on field/court = a squad of 6-7
5 players on field/court = a squad of 8-9
6 players on field/court = a squad of 9-10
(These 'Other sports' numbers depend on the nature of the sport and gender requirements for mixed teams).

Whilst this may look like a lot, we have found that people tend to drop out of teams after a few weeks. Therefore, having the first few games err on the fuller side works best when planning a whole season.

Finally, we give the team a name. We try to come up with new and creative names ourselves, but sometimes we struggle (we've already used up our daily brain juices on the previous tasks) so apologies in advance.

After all this complex triangulation has been completed, you will receive a neat and tidy email with your first game details! Not quite easy peasy lemon squeezy, but we do it all for you (and we love it!)

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