What does the fee cover?

Want to know what you're actually spending your hard earned buckaroos on? Look no further.

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We understand that joining a team can be a big commitment, both socially and financially! Thats why we offer a range of playing options, at a range of different price points – and we’re always straight up about what you get for parting with said buckaroos.

(I hope this is stuck in your head all day now)

Signing up to play weekly:

If you decide to sign up for a season, the total cost will vary depending on your choice of sport, venue, and competition night.

The cost of a typical season registration sits somewhere between $150 and $250, based on the venues pricing, and the number of games in a season. Of course, there can be some competitions that are more expensive, and some on the cheaper side.

When you register for a season the cost covers your your share of the team’s registration fee as well as all game fees for the expected number of games.

Additional registration fees:

It should be noted that for some competition partners, additional registration fees are required that are not covered by Just Play. We are more than happy to provide further information and help you through these registration processes, so don't hesitate to reach out if you are confused any of these!

Finally, of our 150+ venues, precisely 2 venues have a stadium entry fee that is separate to Just Play and is payable each visit, Footscray and Coburg.

Playing casually (and paying per game):

If you're not wanting to play weekly, you're able to sign up to casual games! This can be done from the Just Play app, and filtering makes finding the right game for you super easy.

The game costs are:

  • $24 for Basketball, 3v3 Basketball, 5-a-side, Futsal, Soccer & Cricket

  • $18 for everything else

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