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Invite a friend to your game
Invite a friend to your game

Want to play with your bestie? No problemo👌

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Say you've got a friend that really wants to get out of the house tonight, but you're busy with your Just Play team? Or said Just Play team is short on players, and you really don't feel like putting in enough work for two people?

These two situations have something in common. And that is, they can be easily solved! 🎉

For any upcoming game you have, just click into game details, where you will have the option to invite friends to your team line up.

By copying this link and sharing it, or sending it to your close contacts, you'll be able to invite your nearest and dearest (or those vague, weird acquaintances) to sweat it out with you.

And just like that, you've solidified a friendship, through the unbreakable bonds of social sport. Yay! 👯

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