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How does Just Play work?
Can I play with a friend on the same team?
Can I play with a friend on the same team?

No problem!

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Can you register with a friend and be in the same team? You most certainly can! A lot of our entrants sign up with their friends – around 30% at last count.

We've made this super simple πŸ™Œ

Register with a friend / partner / tinder friend / colleague etc. and we guarantee to place you in the same team. As our systems operate on a first-come-first-served basis, it would be swell if you and your pal complete your registration forms at around the same time.

How to register with a friend πŸ‘‡

Once you've purchased a spot in a league online or via the Just Play app, you'll be presented with a 'player profile' to fill out, which includes a picture of your beautiful self, address (so we can post out your playing top), type of competition you're looking for (social or more competitive), and any friends you're wanting to join with.

*Please make sure your pal does the same thing when they register!

Our wonderful Ops team will then ensure you both end up on the same team together! So easy πŸ‘

If you have played before and aren't able to fill out that survey, please send our Customer Support team a message and we'll update it for you!

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