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What happens after I book a game?
What happens after I book a game?

You're booked in and ready to go! So, what next?

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Once you book in to a game you'll be sent an instant email confirmation with all of the important details.

You'll also be able to view the game details, the team lineup AND you can chat with the team you're playing with - so go ahead and introduce yourself!

What happens next? We've put together a 3 step guide to making sure you have an enjoyable game

Step 1. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the game start time. Almost all of the less than great player experiences we get reported to us start with one thing - people turning up late.
When you arrive late you don't get a chance to meet your teammates and/or some of the team may not be aware that you are playing with them prior to the game starting. Both of these factors can (and probably will) have a negative impact on how included you feel and your enjoyment of the game.

Step 2. In the event your team has a sub or two, please share playing time with other players as per our substitution guide.
​Step 3. Be friendly and inclusive towards others. Make sure you're abiding by our Code of Conduct at all times.

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