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What happens if you fall below 60% attendance

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So you've done it - you're part of a team! It's a great step to take, but it's also really important that you are committed to playing with your team most weeks.

What is the 60% Threshold?

We have a threshold of games played that we believe most people should be meet (with the exception of long term injury, illness, etc.)

Falling below an attendance record of 60% (in a Just Play season) can make it really difficult for the team, for Just Play managing fill-ins or for the competition provider if we need to withdraw the team due to poor attendance.

It's also not a great experience for you! We want you to get the best value out of playing with your new team, so not being able to play more than 60% of your games is less than ideal.

A better option might be converting your remaining games to single game credits - that way, you can play whenever it suits you without having to commit to the same team every week. Falling below an attendance record of 60% can impact your ability to register for further competitions.

If you're nursing a long term injury, sickness, going away, or another reason why you're not able to attend the majority of your games this season, please let our Customer Support team know so we can take note πŸ€—

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