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Play HQ Registration

What is it? How does it work?

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If your registration requires a Play HQ (Basketball Vic) membership, we will ensure this is clearly stated in the league listing prior to sign up.

What is Play HQ?

Play HQ is Basketball Victoria’s membership platform. Every player in the state must be registered with Basketball Victoria via Play HQ in order to play in any basketball competition state-wide. The membership ensures you’ll be in the scoring system, will allow you to play in finals and gives you some insurance coverage!

It’s a once per year fee, your registration period lasts 365 days from your first game.

How do I register with Play HQ?

We’ll send you out your team’s unique link a few days out from your first game. It’s super easy to click through and get everything sorted before game time.

Do I need to do this every season?

You only need to pay the fee once per calendar year, however you do need to register with your team’s unique link every season, to ensure you’re in the scoring system.

What happens if I don’t register with Play HQ?

Unfortunately failure to complete your PlayHQ registration may mean the competition managers will not allow you to take the court or may mean you are ineligible to participate in finals games, so it’s really important to get registered as soon as you can.

What if I already have a Play HQ membership?

Amazing! In that case, you don’t need to pay a second time, but you will still have to register with your team's link prior to your first game to ensure you’re on the scoring sheet.

If you have any further questions regarding your Play HQ membership, please contact Customer Support.

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