You want to talk dollars hey?
This is getting serious.

Signing up for a season and the associated pricing is fairly straightforward, with it working as follows.

All seasons are listed and calculated at a per game price and have a season registration component. This price includes your individual registration, all regular season and finals game fees as well as us managing your team and weekly game experience for the season. 

When you register for one of our leagues we guarantee you will be placed in a team (last season we placed 97% of entrants in to teams - over 3,000 individual registrations).

Every season we offer on our website and in the Just Play app has a set number of places remaining as we have team places reserved with our competition partners. If it is on our website and doesn't have a sold out sticker on it, then it is still open for registration. 

Hopefully that covers your questions about our pricing. If not we have a couple of other articles on the topic available here

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