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When you register with Just Play then we GUARANTEE to put you in a team in the competition you register for. 

Last season we placed 97% of entrants into permanent teams (over 3,000 individual players). However, very occasionally we may not have enough players register for a team to go ahead (It's kinda like running out of sauce at a BBQ - no one likes it, but sometimes it happens).

If the competition you register for isn't going ahead:
In the event this occurs we will give you the option to swap to any other night/ competition that is going ahead, or provide you with a credit for the full amount of your registration that can be used at a later date.

More info:
Just Play enter teams in competitions run by our partners. As such Just Play make full payment for the team's season fees to the competition provider. Regardless of if you play 14 out of 15 games, 8 out of 15 games or 0 out of 15 games, our costs and obligations to the competition provider don't change (we are responsible for making payment for the full season fees to the venue). 

We post your playing top within 7 days of you signing up and confirm teams with our competition partners based on the number of registered players we have. As a result, our fees are nonrefundable either prior to or during the season. Unfortunately this still applies even if you have a really great reason for not being able to play anymore, such as: you're moving house, you picked up an injury, your work/study circumstances changed etc.

That said, in all cases where you have a desire to continue playing we will do everything practically possible to ensure you get value for your registration. This can include: swapping you to a night / sport / venue / season that suits you better, providing you with the equivalent game credits for games missed or whatever else we can work out.

Hopefully this has answered any questions you had. If not, get in touch with us.

Looking for the full legal spiel: Terms & Conditions

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