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What are game reports and why are they important?

'Game Reports' are the way we hear about the 100s of games that Just Play teams are involved in each week!

Filling out the game report after your game gives our admin team the information we need to ensure you are having the best possible experience each week, by allowing us to see who was in attendance for the game and how this differs (if at all) from the players we were expecting to be at the game.

The report can be filled out by any permanent member of the team straight after the game via the Just Play app - just head to the schedule tab, view your games history and select the game to submit the report. It will look like the below:

The Just Play admin team can then check in with anyone that didn't show up to make sure they will be at the next game (or make them unavailable if they won't).

Game reports are a hugely important part of us making sure our teams have the best possible experience over the course of a season - we hate it when our teams end up short of players, and completing game reports is the best way of making sure this won't happen.

If you have other feedback about the team you can chat with us at any time via in-app chat or use our private feedback form. We're always here to help no matter how big or small the problem may be!

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