When you sign up for a season, you become a member of a team with a fixtured game each week. A season runs for as little as 8 weeks – or as many as 15. 

The duration of the season is listed on each league listing page. You'll be able to see this once you've logged in online, or on the Just Play app.

👉 View our league listing guide here.

Once the season is underway, you will play a weekly game with the same teammates (no need to worry if you have to miss a game or two – but please be sure to mark yourself as ‘unavailable’ for the relevant dates and games in your player dashboard - More info on RSVP'ing here). 

95% of our seasons run back to back, which results in a lot of our players opting to play multiple seasons with more or less the same crew (we’ll always keep teams together).

The exact registration fee depends on your choice of sport, venue, and competition night. The cost of a typical season registration will be somewhere between $140 and $280 (seasons can vary considerably in length and the number of games - we also split seasons for those that run over 15 weeks). 

How much does it cost?

Finding out the exact price is easy – it takes less than a minute. The first step is to register (with your name and email), then choose a sport, venue and a competition night. Following this you can browse through available season dates, game times and prices. 

Then you just have to make up your mind – we won’t be asking you to cough up any cashola until you actually want to confirm you place. Your season payment covers your share of the team’s registration fee and all game fees for the season. 

Still got questions? Lucky we have a few more answers up our sleeve: More info on getting started

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