It’s unusual for us not to be able to get enough players for a team to go ahead. This ain’t our first rodeo – we have a few tricks up our sleeves to ensure teams are filled. 

Last season we managed to place 97% of entrants into permanent teams (over 3,000 individual players). And we’re hoping to increase this placement rate further each season. We currently have a large pool of players who are looking for extra games or to fill in for other teams.

In the event that we are unable to fill the team, we’ll give you the option of swapping to any other night and team that is confirmed (it might be that Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights are going ahead, but Thursday isn't) or if you would prefer we will provide a full refund within 14 days of the scheduled competition start date. 

Basically, we guarantee to put you in a team on the night and competition you register for, or provide a full refund. Simple.

Still got questions? Lucky we have a few more answers up our sleeve: More info on getting started

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