You want to talk dollars hey?
This is getting serious.

We offer a range of playing options, at a range of different price points – and we’re always straight up about what you get for parting with your hard-earned pesos. 

If you decide to sign up for a season, the total cost will vary depending on your choice of sport, venue, and competition night. To give you an idea, the cost of a typical season registration sits somewhere between $150 and $280 (we know it’s a bit of a wide range, but seasons can vary quite a lot in length and number of fixtured games). 

If you want to know the exact price, we’ve made it easy – just make your way through the first step of the registration process on either the website or in the Just Play app and the total price (and season start date) will list on the season registration page. Once you have created an account (with your name, phone number and email) then this information will always display. To get started choose a sport, choose a venue and then a competition night. You’ll be able to see available season dates, game times and prices. 

Then make up your mind about what suits – don’t stress, we won’t be hitting you up for any credit card deets until you actually want to confirm your place.

When you register for a season the fee you pay covers your your share of the team’s registration fee and all game fees for the season. 

Once you’re set up, there’s nothing more to pay* during the season, so you can leave your wallet at home if you want to - though we recommend tucking some coins into your sock for a post-game Slurpee.

(*Of our 150+ venues, precisely 2 venues have a stadium entry fee that is separate to Just Play and is payable each visit. This entry fee is in place at Footscray & Coburg and the entry fees are between $2 & $3. We wish they didn't exist, but they do).

But Just Play, how do you decide how much a given league costs?

All seasons are listed and calculated at a per game price and have a season registration component. This price includes your individual registration, all regular season and finals game fees as well as us managing your team and weekly game experience for the season.

Some venues do charge more than others, which means one competitions games could be, say, $12.50 each, and another could be $15. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of control over this but we do what we can to keep your upfront costs low!

Every season we offer on our website and in the Just Play app has a set number of places remaining as we have team places reserved with our competition partners. If it is on our website and doesn't have a sold out sticker on it, then it is still open for registration.

If you want more info on season lengths go here!

Still got questions? Lucky we have a few more answers up our sleeve: More info on getting started

Ready to register? Let's do this!

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