To provide maximum flexibility for those who have had their circumstances change, we've created a monetary credit for all players that were signed up when sport was suspended due to COVID-19. This gives you the flexibility to jump back into playing on a night and competition that suit you.

Some seasons are being resumed, some are starting fresh. If you re-register for the same night and competition you were playing before sport was put on pause, we'll make sure you're placed in the same team with everyone you were playing with prior (you just need to register within the next 14 days to be guaranteed your place back with any and all previous teammates).


How to redeem your credit

Monetary credits can be redeemed via the Just Play app. Once you've selected a season to register for, enter the code in the 'promo code' section of the checkout page and click 'confirm':

If you're in a situation where you're unable to download the app, please send us a message with the league you'd like to join and we can register for you.


How your monetary credit was calculated

If you purchased a season that hadn't yet commenced:

We've arranged a full monetary credit for the total price originally paid for your season. This can be used to purchase a new season of any sport, at any venue!

If your season ended early or was suspended due to COVID-19:

We've organised a pro-rata monetary credit that can be used to re-register for any sport at any venue. The credit is calculated by the number of games the team had left to play, minus a registration fee.

For example, if you purchased 10 x games for $200 and only played 3 games, the calculation of this coupon amount would be as follows:

$200 - $40 (registration fee) = $160
10 x games = $16 per game
$16 x 7 games = $112 total credit

Monetary credits will be valid until 30/6/2021


If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch

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