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First things first, have you downloaded the app? If not, that's a good first step:

Download Just Play for iOS

Download Just Play for android

Great, now you're in. You'll notice when you first load the app up that you get shown through some introductory screens and then make your way to 'home'. If you aren't a current Just Play member and haven't logged in, then you will be presented some competitions based on your location. If you are a member go ahead and hit the login button so we can show you your teams, games and other information.

Searching competitions:
You can update where you are searching by changing your location, you can also choose to refine your search by sport. We've got 150+ venues and over 1,000 competitions to choose from.

Browse competition details:
Select a listing to see all the details. From here you're only two steps away from playing. Just hit the register button and fill out your details.

Next steps are to fill out your details and make payment for your season of choice. Following your registration you fill out a player survey so we can post out your playing top and place you in the most suitable team. This is also the time to let us know if you would like to be placed in the same team as any friends.

Game time!
Once you've registered we go about our work and place you in a team. Then as the season draws nearer we will add all the upcoming games to your profile. Manage your attendance via the toggle.

Check the lineup
See who else is in the lineup by selecting an individual game event.

Still got questions?
Contact us via the Inbox in the app footer menu. Our all star support team are here to help.

Ready to play? Let's do this!

Download Just Play for iOS
Download Just Play for android

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