How did we get here?

When we started Just Play in 2013, joining a sports team on the internet was pretty weird. We never dreamt so many players would support us so enthusiastically and our way of saying thanks has been to keep trying improve our product and your experience of playing sport with us.

Today we're releasing the (easily) most requested product / feature / thing in the history of Just Play. Yep, our brand new android and iOS apps are alive and ready to share with you. 

We've pulled out all the stops in trying to create an app that makes playing social sport easy, while infusing the fun and relaxed vibe that should be a part of playing a weekly social game.

What can you do in the app?

You can search every competition we have in Australia. That's over 1,000 competitions at 150+ venues. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide + our newest venues across the Gold Coast and Canberra.


Choose a competition and register, all in under 2 minutes

Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Social AFL + more
Beginner or something more competitive
Mens, Women's & Mixed.
Indoor or outdoor

We've got something for you.


Manage your upcoming games

Checkout the lineup, update your RSVP or just have a look to see what court your team is playing on tonight. Sport has never been this easy.


Ready to play?

We'd love to help you get back in the game. Let's do this.

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