You might be reading this because you just love FAQ's, but more likely the season you have registered for has been delayed and you want to know why.

Our seasons can be delayed for any of the following reasons:

- A delay to the previous season schedule that means a round or two needs to be replayed and in so doing delays the following season. This could be due to wet weather, venue unavailability, or a number of other unforeseen circumstances that may occur. 

-  A delay at the competition managers discretion; they may be seeking a few more teams to register before commencing the competition, decide to change the start date due to a clash with a public holiday / major event or decide to make a change to their season structure.

- Occasionally Just Play will delay entering a team in a season where we are in need of a couple more players to register in order to complete the team. This can be the case when one of our venue partners is flexible and allows us to skip the first round or two and enter in week 3 when we have a full team. 

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Our policy on delayed season starts is as follows:

1 - 3 week delay

A delay of 1 - 3 weeks can happen for any of the aforementioned reasons and in the majority of instances is outside of our control. In the case of this happening with the season you have registered for we will keep you updated of any delays and communicate this information to you as soon as we receive it. In the event a delay causes you to miss the last 1 - 3 weeks of a season we will provide you with GAMES credits for the number of games you miss as a result of the change of dates.

4+ week delay
First things first - it is very rare that a season is delayed by 4+ weeks (less than 1% of all seasons). In the event your season start date is delayed by 4 (or more) weeks you have the choice of: 

- Waiting the 4+ week delay out - it'll be over in no time!

- Swapping to another season with a start date that is sooner.

- Receiving a full refund of your season fees. To receive this refund please let us know within 7 days of receiving a delayed season notification that you would like a refund. Any refunds provided will naturally affect the other players waiting for this league and we need to plan accordingly. 

Still got questions? Check out our other FAQ's or get in touch - we're always happy to help.

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