Your player dashboard is where all the sporting fun lives.
Login to your player dashboard at: to do any and all of the following:

  • Find your upcoming games
  • Change your availability for certain dates and games 
  • Find extra games
  • Update your contact details 
  • Manage your current team subscriptions through 'My Teams'
  • Register for another season 
  • Find updates on your current season
  • Use the inbuilt messaging feature to contact us in the office 

Your dashboard will look like the below if you are a season player:

As long as you've got upcoming games they will display in the main section of the dashboard (if no games are displaying you will see a status about when the season you have registered for is scheduled to start). 

Want to update your RSVP for a game? If the game entity already exists you can hit the 'CANCEL' on the actual game, if it doesn't then just mark the date in the "Unavailable Dates" section of your Calendar and this will automatically mark you as an not playing for any games created for this date

Your dashboard will look like the below if you are a games player:

If you are yet to register for anything, or keen to find extra games or additional seasons just hit search in the top bar on your desktop or in the drop down menu in mobile.
Search page - Games and Seasons can be switched with the toggle.

If you're having a great time in your current season and you want to continue then let the good times roll! Your team subscription will automatically renew your place for next season and we will make sure you stay with all of  your current teammates that also play on in the following season.

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