You're part of a team and playing each week, sweet. But you're also wondering -  What is this 'games' business you keep hearing about? Casual 'games' are fill-in places that are available in other Just Play teams (we have 10 different sports and over 100 venues that our teams play at). 

To get involved in playing it is as simple as searching for games via your dashboard and then booking in to play at times and locations that suit you. This is a great way to play if you can't make your regular game and don't want to miss your weekly fix, or if you want to try a different sport. Almost all of our games are suitable for players of all skill levels, but we also list this on the game screen in any case - along with the number of places available.

You can start playing immediately (on the same day you sign up, if you want to), and you can constantly vary the day, time, and venue that you play at. Play as little or as often or you want to. It’s super flexible, so you can make it work with your life.

Games have a per game price and it only takes 60 seconds to book into a game using our straightforward platform (you can also use a 'game credit' to book in to a game if you have one in your account. Games credits are provided when you update your RSVP more than 48 hours in advance of a season game, so that you can play a make up game with another team - more on RSVP's for season players here).

On the booking screen you can see all the game details as well as a list of your soon to be teammates for the match. Once you book the game will appear in your dashboard and you will also be sent an instant email confirmation with a google maps link to the venue and any other important instructions (handy if you're in the of 99.9% of our players that have a smart phone).

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Maybe spending tonight on the couch isn't your destiny after all...

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