We've made some changes to improve the experience of playing casual games with Just Play. Gone are the days of having to purchase game credits in a pack of 3 or 10 games.

What has changed?

Not quite ready to commit to an entire season? No problemo – casual games are perfect for you. When you feel like playing, you can just book in and play games at times and locations that are convenient. Games are now priced individually and you can see the cost on the game details screen.
To view single games head to: justplay.com.au/games 


We now provide 1 x game credit for season players RSVP'ing as unavailable.
Updating your RSVP more than 48 hours in advance will now give you 1 x games credit so that you can make up and play an extra game if your heart desires (this game credit is issued to your account following your game time, in case you decide to change your status back to playing prior to the game). If you have a game credit in your account this will automatically apply as the payment method when you book a game.

How will you know your upcoming game details?

  • You can check your player dashboard by logging in at: justplay.com.au/dashboard
  • We send an SMS reminder 2 days prior to your game to all players RSVP'd as playing, so this is a great prompt if you can't make the game. 1 click of the link in the SMS will update your RSVP from playing to not playing... Magic! This SMS reminder is far enough in advance that clicking the link within a few hours of receiving the SMS will give you a games credit. Full rundown of our RSVP's and booking games

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