What are game reports and why are they important?

'Game Reports' are the way we hear about all the important happenings from the 100s of games that Just Play teams are involved in each week! 

Filling this out after your game gives our admin team the information we need to ensure you are having the best possible experience each week. It helps us to: 

  1. Follow up anyone who was meant to play but didn't. Us knowing is the first step to ensuring it doesn't happen again (we hate our teams being short of players!). 
  2. Hear how your team and games are going so we can deal with any other issues that can come up over the course of the season.

Only 1 person from the team needs to fill this out and we strongly recommend doing this on your phone straight after the game. The report can be filled out by any permanent player and a link to do so is included in the lineup email sent 30 minutes before your game. 

The information captured by the game report is as follows: 

  • Who played and who 'no showed' (just click on everyone that turned up).
  • A quick overview of how the game went.

An example of an incomplete report:

Once any member of the team completes this report it can be viewed by all members of the team in their player dashboard (so if you have any private feedback please use the "Other Feedback" link in this email - this provides private feedback to our support team. E.G. Use this if someone in your team is being a bad sport etc)

Still got questions? Lucky we have a few more answers up our sleeve: More info

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